Body Deli 

THE BODY DELI is the original pioneer for fresh, raw, organic skin and body care. These products are formulated to rejuvenate and give your face, body and hair a healthy, vibrant and youthful glow. Raw superfoods are what make THE BODY DELI products so effective. Superfoods are nature’s most concentrated sources of bio-identical nutrients, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants. Superfoods are made in nature and are highly absorbable by the human body. The skin is the largest organ of the body and needs the same high quality nutrition topically that a healthy and vibrant body needs internally. Rejuvenate your skin with clinically proven active ingredients and with the health giving benefits of pure, organic, food based ingredients.


CREME DE LA ROSE is a luxurious rich and nourishing anti-aging facial moisturizer that is formulated to help accelerate cellular turnover, feed epidermal cells, restore elasticity and diminish the depth and intensity of wrinkles. BULGARIAN ROSE, COQ10 AND VITAMIN-A is used for its cell regenerating properties and exquisite healing aroma. GOJI BERRY extract is used for its amino acids and vitamin C content. For normal to dry skin types that are experiencing the effects of aging. Skin looks and feels younger with regular use.

-Improved structural integrity
-Improved epidermal nourishment
-Improved skin elasticity
-Reduced wrinkles
-Improved skin firmness

CUCUMBER JUICE ELXIR is a refreshing and soothing tonic that is the ultimate finishing touch to any cleansing ritual. Formulated with potent living nutrients, this elixir tonic helps to clear away residue from cleansing, tighten the pores, hydrate and nourish the skin. PURE CUCUMBER JUICE is used to soothe and calm the skin and is also known for its mild astringent properties. Combined with the healing and hydrating benefits of ORGANIC ALOE VERA JUICE and sprouted mineral greens of KALE, DANDELION, OAT AND BARLEY GRASS JUICES this toner replenishes the skin. Cucumber Juice Elixir also provides cooling and soothing relief from sun exposure.

-soothing to the skin
-tightens pores
-revitalizes complexion
-nourishes with superfoods and micro-greens




MELON-PEPTIDE CREME GEL is an intensive anti-aging treatment Gel that gives your skin a silky, light and luxurious feeling. Cantaloupe Melon is extremely hydrating and has anti-inflammatory benefits that help to reduce the signs and progression of aging. Clinically proven Peptides are added to this creme gel to reduce the depth and intensity of facial wrinkles. Coenzyme Q10 and niacinamide are also powerful antioxidants, which reduce inflammation and promote skin regeneration at the cellular level. Used regularly, Melon-Peptide Creme Gel imparts a more youthful looking and dewy complexion

-Clinically Proven peptides reduce the depth and intensity of facial wrinkles
-Coenzyme Q10 & Niacinamide reduce inflammation and promote regeneration
-Extremely Hydrating with a light and luxurious feel

SEA CUCUMER GELEE is the ultimate facial hydrator and nutrient infusion. This luscious hydrating gel is like a green drink for the skin. ORGANIC ALOE VERA, CUCUMBER, HYALURONIC ACID AND TAMARIND SEED EXTRACT flood skin with intensive moisture and increases the skins hydration content. Vital-Greens such as KALE JUICE, BARLEY GRASS JUICE, WHEAT GRASS JUICE and potent regenerative sea vegetables such as KELP, DULSE AND NORI stimulate cellular turnover and promote hormone balance. Quench your skin with the ultimate in pure hydration.

-intense hydration
-neutralizes free radicals
-plumps the skin
-increases skin moisture retention



LIQUID VITAMIN HYDRA-MIST firms and revitalize your complexion with our revolutionary infused liquid vitamin skin hydrator. HYDRA-MIST is formulated with super-wetting ANTIOXIDANT MICRO-CLUSTERED IONIC WATER, ultra potent ROVISOME VITAMIN C, wrinkle reducing TRIPEPTIDE-5 and enzymatic rejuvenator SEA KELP BIOFERMENT. HYDRA-MIST stimulates collagen synthesis and integrin, and also provides optimum hydration, anti-oxidation and skin firmness. Used regularly HYDRA-MIST in conjunction with other Body Deli products will help the improvement in overall skin health and appearance. Experience moist, dewy and glowing skin.

-increases skin hydration
-produces a dewy, healthy glow
-reduces fine lines and wrinkles
-increases absorption of all skincare products
-revitazlies make-up
-also an excellent after-shave tonic for men

VITAL-C SERUM helps to correct cellular damage with clinically proven antioxidants that reverse free radical damage. Rovisome Vitamin C, is the most potent and stable form of bio-available C. Both water and fat soluble Rovisome C penetrates the skin tissue and delivers stable antioxidants in conjunction with Alpha-Lipoic Acid, CoQ10 and cell regenerating allantoin. Repair environmental damage with nature’s most powerful antioxidants.

-reverse free-radical damage
-stimulates collagen & elastin
-increases skin elasticity
-helps to reduce sun damage
-lightens hyperpigmentation




NUTRA-PEPTIDE SERUM is designed to reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles and speed up cellular turnover. Potent anti-aging actives such as wrinkle relaxing TRIPEPTIDE-5, skin protector WASABI EXTRACT, perfecting NIACINAMIDE B3 and conditioning and hydrating SEA BUCKHORN OIL.

-relaxes deep wrinkles
-diminishes fine lines
-improves skin clarity
-stimulates collagen synthesis
-boosts skin ceramide production


SOLAR DAY CREAM naturally protects your skin from the damaging effects of the sun and the environment. This unique moisturizer is formulated with MICRONIZED ZINC a natural mineral sunscreen. Full spectrum antioxidants such as VITAMIN C, COQ10, TOCOTRIENOLS and PUMPKIN SEED OIL work to protect against free radical damage. Naturally defend your skin and enjoy receiving the health benefits of solar energy.


-sun protection
-environmental protection
-anti-aging antioxidants
-sheer light moisture





FIRMING FLAX EYE CREAM helps to firm and tone the delicate eye area with firming omega fatty acid rich FLAX SEED OIL. Rejuvenate fine lines and wrinkles with RESVERATROL RED WINE EXTRACT and tissue strengthening LECITHIN. This soothing cream will firm, hydrate and tone the eye area imparting a fresher and more youthful appearance. Excellent for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

-helps to reduce wrinkles around eye area
-conditions and lubricates the skin
-visibly firms the delicate tissue around the eye area
-suitable for sensitve eyes and contact lens wearers
-promotes structural integrity of eye area

NOURISH NIGHT CREAM will help restore and transform your complexion while you sleep. Nourish the skin for faster cellular turnover and maximum hydration with HYALURONIC ACID, RESVERATROL, TOCOTRIENOLS and bio-identical skin emollient OLIVE SQUALANE. This rich moisturizer smoothes away fine lines and restores balance and equilibrium to dry parched skin. Formulated with powerful essential oils to help you sleep.

-increases cellular turnover
-increases suppleness
-reduces inflamation
-diminishes signs of aging
-comforts skin and rejuvenates