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Seventh Ray Skin Care offers cutting
edge products from the top
Skin Care companies as well as
from our own laboratory

Emergin C

Emergin C creates some of the most active products using cutting edge, pure and potent botanicals and ingredients from all over the world. They are always seeking the latest scientific breakthroughs to ensure the ability to combat the visible signs of aging skin as effectively as possible. All cosmetics are paraben free with no synthetic fragrances. Two of Emergin C's cutting edge products are Earth, which uses phytelene complex (copper poly-peptide) and other minerals that are proven collagen and elastin producers and Proto Cell, a bio-active apple stem cell more under cutting edge technology.

Emergin C

Rhonda Allison Products

Rhonda Allison products blend the best of active natural ingredients with highly beneficial scientifically developed compounds to create superior treatments that will transform the condition of your skin, bringing it to it's optimum potential for health and beauty. Rhonda Allison products are known for their regenerative and restoring ingredients such as peptides, growth factors, and vitamins that assist in rebuilding collagen and slowing the aging process.

Rhonda Allison

Glymed Plus Products

Glymed Plus has balanced skin care that is a harmonic blend of the nurturing and protecting elements of nature with the wisdom and technology of science. Their Age Management system addresses the individual challenges of hronologically injured, photo-aged, and environmentally damaged skin,
while their Serious Action line has developed, tested, and refined state-of-the-art acne fighting formulas. Each formula is designed to address characteristic problems that cause acne. Serious Action is a great acne treatment line to use at home in conjunction with professional treatments in our clinic.


Custom Formulated Skin Care

Our custom formulated skin care products are designed for the individual client according to their skin needs. Using high-quality paraben-free, organic and botanical ingredients, with our skin consultation we are able to develop the perfect formula to treat your skin's needs.


Custom Formulated

Adëeva (Pure Hyaluronic Acid)

Hyaluronic Acid (H.A.) is an essential age defying and anti-aging skin nutrient for anyone over the age of 20.  Essential H.A. penetrates to the deepest layers of the skin to eplenish skin H.A. levels and assist in the prevention of crows feet, fine lines, and shallow wrinkles. Think of it as a topical Restylane, which is a form of hyaluronic acid. With Pure H.A. there are no injections and once you've used it you'll never stop.


Adeeva Hyaluronic acid

Adëeva Products

Adëeva Nutritionals is a producer of high quality natural health products and formulations directed toward promoting overall health, slowing the biological processes of aging, combating degenerative diseases and providing adjunctive nutritional support in the case of specific health conditions.


Custom Blended Makeup

If a standard foundation color isn't a perfect match for your skin tone, then custom blending is the answer to create the perfect shade for you.



Custom MakeUp

Spa Blends Body Care