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More Than Skin Deep

So goes Jan & Jack Kerr’s professional as well as personal lives. As the only husband-and-wife team of licensed aestheticians in New Mexico, as far as they know, their passionate, shared focus is to penetrate the source of beauty and health reflected and affected by regular superior skin care.

The Kerrs pride themselves in providing clients the most cutting-edge and thoroughly tested skin treatments and products available. Not interested in providing superficial treatments commonly accepted, Jan & Jack attend both national and international conferences and workshops to stay current with the most recent advances in treatments and products in the ever-growing skin care field for both men and women.

Educating clients how important the skin’s condition is to one’s overall well being remains one of their principle goals. With experience in ingredients that impact the skin, the Kerrs create private label organic skin care by customizing many makeup and cosmetic products in their own facility, compounded specifically for the client’s skin needs that so often vary client to client. Clients frequently sing the praises of the Kerrs’ age defying techniques.

Jan Kerr has continued in the skin business since she managed the cosmetic counter of her father’s drugstore at 15. Through a continual, vigilant focus on improving her expertise, she has become one of the most knowledgeable skin specialists in New Mexico.

Before becoming a licensed aesthetician at Jan’s and others’ encouragement, Jack had been a sculptor, a caster of bronze, and a master patina artist. Thus, his sense of beauty and form as an artist made a natural and easy transition into beautifying the skin.

In business since 1992, Seventh Ray Skin Care—an environment encouraging health and serenity—offers never hurried, relaxed sessions focused on results.


I’ve been getting facials for years. Last month I had my first facial from Seventh Ray. Never, ever have I had this kind of experience. Two hours of calm, nurturing attention. I walked out feeling better than I’ve felt in a long time. My skin was alive.

Mary Sweitzer 2014

I woke up this morning and my skin was like I haven’t seen it in a long time. I just want you to know How much I appreciate you Jack. You work miracles with my skin, your work is wonderful.

Jeanette Garcia December 2016 Chimayo

Working with both Jan and jack has given me a great big bundle of rays of sunshine in my life. I feel vital and rejuvenated on the inside of my skin and I think that what the world sees, on the outside, is me at my very best at this “mature” stage of my life! They are both very personable and professional and I have every confidence in their caring and competent character and approach.

Dr. Penelope Penland Santa Fe 2107

Jan knows skin. She has transformed the clarity and texture of my face. I highly recommend her.

Andrew McClain Santa Fe 2017

I have been seeing Jan Kerr every two months for a facial and using her specially blended for me skin-care products (cleanser and moisturizer) for more than twenty years. I forget sometimes, but I believe it is close to or at twenty-five years by now. The price for a full two-hour treatment is quite reasonable and because of consistent care my skin looks really good.

I have just turned seventy and I can pass for at least ten years younger - if you only look at my facial skin! The advantages of consistent skin care are many, such as having someone who knows your skin well, can see any abnormalities that might need to be looked at, and uses good products on a regular basis. I have recommended to my 42 year-old daughter that she begin this process in the not-too-distant future because her skin is much like mine - English peaches-and-cream in need of assistance.

Wendy Hassemer Medanales
N.M. Retired teacher and Director;
Espanola Main Street Theatre 2017

I have been coming to Seventh Ray Skin Care since 1992. Living in Santa Fe with such a sunny and dry climate I felt it important to begin taking care of my skin early to prevent unnecessary damage from our environment. I also brought my two daughters when they turned 13 so that Jan and Jack could teach them how to properly take care of their skin. Because of this, their skin is beautiful. Jan and Jack Kerr are an incredibly professional team, who continue to learn and grow in their field so that they are giving their clients the best possible service.

Amy Weyhrauch Santa Fe April 2017

I have been going to Jan and Jack for 11years. My skin is terrific. They know what I need and I am always relaxed when I leave. I really enjoy the compliments I get. Thank you Leslie Nathanson Juris 2017 I have entrusted my skin care to Jan and Jack for over 25 years. I see them for facials on a monthly basis and I use many of their products.

Growing up in New Mexico with fair skin they have helped me reverse some of the damage from the New Mexico sun. People frequently tell me that I have great skin and they are the secret behind my skin. Skin care is their top priority and they are constantly evolving with new product lines and services to best use the advances in skin care for their clients.

Geri Everett, Albuquerque 2017

As an active outdoor sports enthusiast, I’ve been going to Seventh Ray For eleven years. Their relentless pursuit of eradicating damages of New Mexico’s snow, wind and sun repair and support my skin.

John Connell 2017 Santa Fe

I have been a client of Jan Kerr since 1989. People often ask how I keep such young looking skin. Even though genetics play a role, I have been going to Seventh Ray Skin Care since my 30's and it shows. My three daughters also made it through their teenage years with the help of Jan and Jack. When they come to Santa Fe for a visit, they like to get rejuvenated at Seventh Ray. Congratulations on 25 years of keeping us young!

Gloria Luff Santa Fe 2017

I have been coming to Seventh Ray for nearly 7 years. I had that ”perpetual tired look”. I wanted a fresher look and I have never looked better. Jan and Jack are amazingly talented, professional and fun. They and their products are impeccable. This is a gift I give myself once a month because the results speak volumes

Donna Marie Jones 2017 Galisteo Basin at La Bajada