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More Than Skin Deep

So goes Jan & Jack Kerr’s professional as well as personal lives. As the only husband-and-wife team of licensed aestheticians in New Mexico, as far as they know, their passionate, shared focus is to penetrate the source of beauty and health reflected and affected by regular superior skin care.

The Kerrs pride themselves in providing clients the most cutting-edge and thoroughly tested skin treatments and products available. Not interested in providing superficial treatments commonly accepted, Jan & Jack attend both national and international conferences and workshops to stay current with the most recent advances in treatments and products in the ever-growing skin care field for both men and women.

Educating clients how important the skin’s condition is to one’s overall well being remains one of their principle goals. With experience in ingredients that impact the skin, the Kerrs create private label organic skin care by customizing many makeup and cosmetic products in their own facility, compounded specifically for the client’s skin needs that so often vary client to client. Clients frequently sing the praises of the Kerrs’ age defying techniques.

Jan Kerr has continued in the skin business since she managed the cosmetic counter of her father’s drugstore at 15. Through a continual, vigilant focus on improving her expertise, she has become one of the most knowledgeable skin specialists in New Mexico.

Before becoming a licensed aesthetician at Jan’s and others’ encouragement, Jack had been a sculptor, a caster of bronze, and a master patina artist. Thus, his sense of beauty and form as an artist made a natural and easy transition into beautifying the skin.

In business since 1992, Seventh Ray Skin Care—an environment encouraging health and serenity—offers never hurried, relaxed sessions focused on results.